Pink Ribbon Room | Mastectomy

Fearless and Feminine

Mastectomies are frightening, but you can still be your fearless and fabulous feminine self even after surgery. We’re here for you.

During your first visit, we’ll introduce you to some of your pre and post-operative choices. We’ll fit you with a post-surgery camisole for your first weeks. It has discrete pouches to hold the drainage tubes until you’re ready for the next step. Our camisole also has pockets for pads to simulate breasts for a natural look. It’s customizable, so you can remove the pockets if you want.

“Doctor Referred”

When you’re ready, we’ll fit you with customized prosthetics. We use a certified device fitter to help make you look and feel comfortable and complete. Prosthetics have come a long way so you have options. We have styles available for sports, swimming, and every other part of life. We can help your recovery to overall well being.

We also work with enhancement and reduction patients.

Call to book an appointment for a mastectomy consultation.